Our people and our products - freedom to focus

Posted by Andrew Butt on 01-Jun-2018 08:20:00

Our mission is to provide “freedom to focus” and that applies as much to our own staff as to our customers.

For our customers, our software provides the means for them to focus on what really matters in their business.  In the case of DealTrack, we enable our customers to focus on supplier relationships and maximising deals, whilst the system takes care of tracking and accounting for rebates.

For our employees, our structure is such that our developers are completely and utterly focused on development.  This is what helps us to create innovative, high quality software.

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The Building Materials Industry Advisory Group

Posted by Andrew Butt on 30-May-2018 08:36:00

Enable has formed the Building Materials Industry Advisory Group to inform our development team as we continue to create software products to solve industry-wide challenges that are not easily addressed by existing IT solutions.

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Andrew Butt - Finalist in the EY UK Entrepreneur of the Year Awards 2018

Posted by David Hunt on 11-May-2018 13:12:37

We are pleased to announce that our MD Andrew Butt has been shortlisted for the EY UK Entrepreneur of the Year (2018) Midlands awards in their "Disruptor" category for its DealTrack innovation.*

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Hidden Treasure

Posted by David Hunt on 12-Oct-2012 17:52:00

There's a pretty good chance you are reading this having just come out of a sales meeting, or while you're waiting for a sales meeting or after a tough day trying to initiate what was discussed in a sales meeting.

Driving revenue is the primary concern of any business but when conditions have been as difficult as they have over the last few years it can feel like a war of attrition with your competitors.

There's no silver bullet for these issues but ensuring that you are making the most of your company's hard work and seeing every penny you deserve hit the bottom line is essential when sales are stalling through no fault of your own.

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DealTrack genesis

Posted by David Hunt on 02-Oct-2012 11:05:00

For more than a decade Enable has provided some of the country's most respected and recognisable organisations with bespoke software solutions.

In this time, it has helped distributors, wholesalers and buying consortia in a variety of industries manage the retrospective income they receive from suppliers and customers in the form of rebates, retrospective discounts and royalties.

One of the most critical issues during this period has been how rebates and royalties are often poorly supported by core business systems with crucial agreements and revenues relegated to spreadsheets and paper records — despite the income amounting to more than the company's gross profit in many cases.

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