Spring 2018 webinar series: Profitable growth from rebate management

Posted by Andrew Butt on 14-Feb-2018 11:34:06

For spring / early summer we have a series of three webinars planned to share more detail about our 3 step approach to profitable growth through:

  1. mastering rebate accounting and maximising profit from rebate deals,

  2. being prepared for and executing on smarter supplier negotiations,

  3. collaborating with suppliers for mutually profitable growth.

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3 major risks of NOT having a robust rebate management system

Posted by Andrew Butt on 15-Feb-2017 08:00:00

It isn’t unusual to find that rebate agreements cannot be fully represented within ERP systems and spreadsheets, resulting in disparate sources of information being stored within ERP systems, spreadsheets and even people’s heads!  This management headache is multiplied when you consider these 3 major risks:

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Supplier rebates: Financial compliance - lessons to be learnt...

Posted by Andrew Butt on 15-May-2016 17:13:57

The report that Tesco is returning to profit is good news for the beleaguered retailer, who have been hit with fierce competition from discounters Aldi and Lidl and the fall out of the supplier income scandal, which according to a recent article in the Sunday Times is still being investigated by the serious fraud office. 

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