7 key elements of successful trade negotiations

Posted by Andrew Butt on 27-Nov-2018 10:15:00

The phrase win-win is probably over-used, but I am going to use it anyway to describe the situation where both parties come out of a negotiation feeling like they have won. Let’s be honest. If you think you won and the other party (your supplier or your customer) feels they lost, then it’s not really a good situation.

Price is important, but (particularly in industries like building materials distributors and grocery retailers where margins are tight) time to market, supply chain reliability, innovation, quality and flexibility are elements that contribute significantly towards a company’s competitive edge.

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Topics: Supplier collaboration, Procurement Excellence

Pricing strategies: Top 7 types of rebate deals

Posted by Andrew Butt on 26-Sep-2018 14:53:00

In our dealings with businesses who have to manage complex rebate deals we have come across over 300 different types of deal… AND we’ve mapped all of those options into our DealTrack software.

Whilst it is important to have all those deal types to give ultimate flexibility, we thought it would be fun to share the top 7 most popular scenarios.

First though, if rebates are hard to manage — which is why we created DealTrack in the first place — why are they so popular?

Vendor rebates, volume pricing, retrospective discounts and the like are a way of giving individual customers the “right price” without driving the price downwards.

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Spring 2018 webinar series: Profitable growth from rebate management

Posted by Andrew Butt on 14-Feb-2018 11:34:06

For spring / early summer we have a series of three webinars planned to share more detail about our 3 step approach to profitable growth through:

  1. mastering rebate accounting and maximising profit from rebate deals,

  2. being prepared for and executing on smarter supplier negotiations,

  3. collaborating with suppliers for mutually profitable growth.

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Central purchasing: data consolidation and analysis for better negotiations

Posted by Andrew Butt on 12-Feb-2018 10:48:15

In order to prepare for major negotiations with suppliers, businesses often have to extract historical data from multiple systems: buying groups need information from their members' systems, newly merged businesses need information from different parts of the group. 

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Builders merchants - the road to procurement excellence

Posted by Andrew Butt on 11-Aug-2016 08:00:00

Builders merchants, building materials companies and building trade suppliers are working in a competitive industry in which profitability is heavily reliant on procurement to strike the right deals.

We’ve recently been working with Richard Piekar, a global procurement expert, and wanted to share with you his experience of developing procurement excellence at CRH plc. CRH is a leading global building materials group employing over 89,000 people at around 3,900 locations worldwide.

Richard’s journey to procurement excellence included building private label ranges to increase margins and foster customer loyalty, and introducing fact based category management and sourcing.

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Topics: Procurement Excellence, Industry Sector: Building Materials

Webinar Synopsis: Vendor Rebates - how to manage complex deals and drive margin

Posted by Andrew Butt on 29-Jul-2016 10:40:00


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