ERP agnostic rebate management system

Posted by Andrew Butt on 29/05/17 11:14

Today's IT landscape in most large corporates consists of disparate systems:

  • Cloud apps
  • On premise ERP systems
  • Cloud-based ERP
  • Local systems and spreadsheets
  • Others

As a result, the world has moved from ERP being at the hub to integration services being the key.

Dealtrack integration.jpg

In this new world, ERP agnostic applications are being developed, providing enhanced functions and sharing data with the core systems.

That is exactly how DealTrack has been structured. We have constructed this rebate management system to handle the most complex of rebate deals by extracting and consolidating information from multiple sources.

The diagram below shows DealTrack extracting information from multiple ERP systems and providing information back to your chosen datawarehouse or other reporting tool.

Dealtrack integration diagram - Email.jpg

This provides the perfect solution for:

  • Merged businesses who have inherited disparate ERP systems and want to consolidate their buying power
  • Buying groups who do not use ERP but have a need to exchange information with members in order to negotiate deals on their behalf

To find out how DealTrack works for businesses post-merger or acquisition where rebate management is key but the core information is held in disparate ERP systems, please download our guide “Realising M&A synergies faster” .  

Discover how DealTrack drives profitable growth through the management of complex trading agreements in a multiple-ERP systems landscape.

Realising M&A Synergies Faster




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