Central purchasing - consolidating purchase history across multiple ERPs

Posted by Andrew Butt on 19/01/18 12:11

Negotiating deals for buying groups and businesses that have grown though acquisition or merger is a challenge.

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Topics: ERP Vendor Rebate Modules, Mergers & Aquisitions, Central Purchasing

Choosing Your Rebate Management System

Posted by Andrew Butt on 09/01/18 09:20

Trading agreements involving rebates are prevalent in many industries such as building materials, lumber, HVAC, electrical distributors, buying groups of all types and other wholesale distribution businesses.

Rebates are used by suppliers to these industries to influence purchase decisions and drive profitable growth for both the supplier and the wholesaler.

Our Buyers' Guide is aimed at those wanting to choose a system to address the issues posed by managing rebate agreements.

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4 things to STOP DOING in order to maximise your Rebate Earnings

Posted by David Hunt on 05/01/18 10:18

Working with a number of organisations across industry sectors such as building materials, buying groups and wholesale and distribution, we have seen a large variety of very complex supplier rebates and trading agreements.  These very often involve incredibly complicated performance-based calculations with seemingly endless permutations, and on top of that agreements are subject to periodic review and change.

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Managing complex trading agreements — 7 keys to success

Posted by David Hunt on 14/12/17 11:07

With increasing global competition, ever-more complex trading agreements are being created.

Effective management and control of complex trading agreements that include supplier rebates is notoriously difficult. Most standard accounting and purchasing software packages will not cope with the variety and complexity of pricing strategies and rebate agreements.

But a solution that is disjointed or based on spreadsheets introduces the possibility of missing data, human error and inaccurate reporting.

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Contract management software for buying groups

Posted by Andrew Butt on 07/12/17 10:11

Considering whether contract management software could be the solution for efficient, compliant, management of supplier agreements in your buying group?  

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12 things your rebate management system MUST do

Posted by Andrew Butt on 20/11/17 09:23

We have a buyers' guide that outlines everything you should look for in a Rebate Management System, but I wanted to outline my top 12 features in this blog.

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Why your rebate management system needs to be ERP Agnostic

Posted by Andrew Butt on 15/11/17 10:49

DealTrack integrates with major ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics.

For reporting and payments, DealTrack can interface with a range of leading BI tools including Business Objects, QlikView, Tableau as well as purchase-to-pay solutions such as Ariba, Fourth and Proactis.

But in our view “out of the box” integrations are not sufficient for most scenarios. A rebate management system needs to be truly ERP agnostic.  For that reason, DealTrack comes with open APIs that can be used to import data from ANY other systems.

Here are just a few reasons why we think this is necessary:

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Buying group purchasing system - 7 essential features

Posted by Andrew Butt on 08/11/17 09:16

Buying Groups, as the name suggests, are formed to give buying power to smaller independent companies through purchase consolidation.

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Topics: Rebate Management, Industry Sector: Buying Groups

Why your ERP system doesn't do rebate accounting

Posted by Andrew Butt on 01/11/17 08:31

Many ERP systems already have a way of recording contract information and a vendor rebate module or elements of purchasing software that allow for rudimentary recording of rebates owed. 

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A 3 Step Approach to Business Growth Through Better Rebate Management

Posted by Andrew Butt on 23/10/17 08:32

We've had great feedback from our recent webinar, so I wanted to share the content with those who didn't make it on the day.  This blog provides a summary of the topics we discussed:

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