Why your rebate management system needs to be ERP Agnostic

Posted by Andrew Butt on 15/11/17 10:49

DealTrack integrates with major ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics.

For reporting and payments, DealTrack can interface with a range of leading BI tools including Business Objects, QlikView, Tableau as well as purchase-to-pay solutions such as Ariba, Fourth and Proactis.

But in our view “out of the box” integrations are not sufficient for most scenarios. A rebate management system needs to be truly ERP agnostic. 

Here are just a few reasons:

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Buying group purchasing system - 7 essential features

Posted by Andrew Butt on 08/11/17 09:16

Buying Groups, as the name suggests, are formed to give buying power to smaller independent companies through purchase consolidation.

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Why your ERP system doesn't do rebate accounting

Posted by Andrew Butt on 01/11/17 08:31

Many ERP systems already have a way of recording contract information and a vendor rebate module or elements of purchasing software that allow for rudimentary recording of rebates owed. 

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A 3 Step Approach to Business Growth Through Better Rebate Management

Posted by Andrew Butt on 23/10/17 08:32

We've had great feedback from our recent webinar, so I wanted to share the content with those who didn't make it on the day.  This blog provides a summary of the topics we discussed:

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6 Common Problems with Accounting for Rebates

Posted by Andrew Butt on 16/10/17 17:04

As experts in rebate management, we have come across (and fixed) many problems with rebate management processes.  Here are the 6 most common things that businesses need to fix in order to improve profitability and growth.

1. Problems representing rebate agreements in core business systems

Companies tend to look for a specialist solution to rebate management when they reach a point where their core business systems are proven to be inadequate.  We have seen several scenarios:

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ERP agnostic rebate management system

Posted by Andrew Butt on 12/10/17 11:14

Today's IT landscape in most large corporates consists of disparate systems:

  • Cloud apps
  • On premise ERP systems
  • Cloud-based ERP
  • Local systems and spreadsheets
  • Others

As a result, the world has moved from ERP being at the hub to integration services being the key.

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10 Reasons Rebate Accountants Fail to Claim 100% of Rebate Due

Posted by Andrew Butt on 09/10/17 16:47

Failing to claim 100% of rebate due can have a large negative impact on the bottom line for businesses in industries where rebate agreements are commonplace.  Finding out why that happens and how to stop missing vendor rebate claims is at the forefront of the minds of rebate accountants and financial leads the world over.

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5 key steps to manage rebates effectively and improve margins

Posted by Andrew Butt on 01/08/17 14:36

Rebate Management refers to the management of discount claims that are based on volumes of purchases over time.

To some companies, that rebate is treated as a bonus. But to others, rebates form a significant proportion of their revenue and for these companies accurate management is absolutely essential.

The management and processing of rebates is challenging, with significant financial risks if something goes wrong due to loss of data or human error.

Many rebate arrangements lack support in financial accounting systems, such as targeted incentives and multistrand rebates. Keeping a track of rebates when purchasing is decentralised or where the trading agreement is made by a buying group creates further challenges.

So what can purchasers do about these challenges in order to maintain an effective management process?

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Profitable business growth for suppliers to the building industry

Posted by David Hunt on 25/07/17 08:23

Profitability for suppliers to the building industry - including building materials, plumbing, HVAC and electrical distributors – is often very closely dependent on the amount of rebate they can negotiate and claim.

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How do distributors track and manage “Ship and Debit” Rebate Agreements?

Posted by David Hunt on 04/07/17 15:04

A ship and debit agreement enables suppliers to sell their goods at a uniform price, while distributors can react to local market conditions and lower the price they use to sell to customers without losing all of their margin.

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