SIG selects Enable's DealTrack Rebate Management Software

Posted by Andrew Butt on 13-Nov-2018 15:17:00

SIG is a leading European provider of specialist building materials, with close to £3bn of annual revenues and around 9,000 employees across the UK, Ireland and Mainland Europe. As a specialist distributor, SIG plays a critical role in the construction supply chain, bringing value to its customer base across major European markets.

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Managing rebates, SPAs, ship and debit claims, claimbacks, contract support, MDFs and Co-op funds for wholesale distribution businesses

Posted by Andrew Butt on 07-Nov-2018 09:22:42

Rebates, SPAs, claim-backs, contract support are all very similar and at the same time quite different to each other. In essence they are all terms for the money that wholesalers claim from suppliers and manufacturers for selling their products. Some of the key differences lie in how the agreements are formed, whether goods are actually ever handled by the wholesaler, and how the claims are made.

Collectively, they are sometimes referred to as “vendor monies”. It is estimated that, annually, these amount to $600bn in North America and perhaps as much as $500bn in Europe.

In a world where margins are tight, wholesale distributors across nearly 50 sectors rely so much on vendor monies that their absence would be a serious dent in their profit margin.

Where margins are as low as 4%, a 2% change in price means a whopping 50% more profit!

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Buyers' guide to rebate program management systems

Posted by Andrew Butt on 29-Oct-2018 16:01:21

Whilst many core business systems have some functionality to help monitor trading agreements that involve vendor rebates, most have neither the flexibility nor the extensive range of functionality that is needed to support the increasingly complex
world of rebate management.

For many, that lack of functionality has resulted in missed rebates and poor accrual accounting.

But worse than that, if your business systems don’t support rebate management fully, then the whole purpose behind creating deals involving rebates – a means to influence business growth – is missed.

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Best practice guide - systematising rebate agreements and special pricing agreements

Posted by Andrew Butt on 22-Oct-2018 20:12:46

In this blog, we are going to focus on the system requirements for configuring, storing, monitoring, reviewing and operating rebate deals or special pricing agreements. 

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Why building materials wholesalers should invest in a specialist rebate management system

Posted by Andrew Butt on 17-Oct-2018 16:07:29

Companies tend to look for specialist rebate management software when they reach a point where their core business systems are proven to be inadequate. 

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12 things your rebate management system must do

Posted by Andrew Butt on 11-Oct-2018 09:23:00

We have a buyers' guide that outlines everything you should look for in a Rebate Management System, but I wanted to outline my top 12 features in this blog.

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How do distributors track and manage “Ship and Debit” rebate agreements?

Posted by Andrew Butt on 03-Oct-2018 07:53:00

A ship and debit agreement enables suppliers to sell their goods at a uniform price, while distributors can react to local market conditions and lower the price they use to sell to customers without losing all of their margin.

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4 things to STOP DOING in order to maximise your rebate earnings

Posted by Andrew Butt on 27-Sep-2018 17:22:05

Whilst working with a number of organisations across industry sectors such as building materials, buying groups and wholesale and distribution, we have seen a large variety of very complex supplier rebates and trading agreements.  These very often involve incredibly complicated performance-based calculations with seemingly endless permutations, and on top of that agreements are subject to periodic review and change.

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Pricing strategies: Top 7 types of rebate deals

Posted by Andrew Butt on 26-Sep-2018 14:53:00

In our dealings with businesses who have to manage complex rebate deals we have come across over 300 different types of deal… AND we’ve mapped all of those options into our DealTrack software.

Whilst it is important to have all those deal types to give ultimate flexibility, we thought it would be fun to share the top 7 most popular scenarios.

First though, if rebates are hard to manage — which is why we created DealTrack in the first place — why are they so popular?

Vendor rebates, volume pricing, retrospective discounts and the like are a way of giving individual customers the “right price” without driving the price downwards.

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Making every penny count: suppliers to the building industry

Posted by Andrew Butt on 20-Sep-2018 14:26:19

If you’re a builders merchant in 2018 you’ll know how essential it is to ensure every penny counts in terms of your bottom line. So, it’s even more crucial than ever that you don’t miss out on any of the, often significant, sums due to you through rebates.

Indeed, profitability for suppliers to the building industry is often very closely dependent on the amount of rebate they can negotiate and claim and many businesses across this sector tell us that the sheer volume of categories and the complexity of rebate deals means that administering rebate claims is a mission critical element of their business which can be the difference between a decent year and a great one.

100% of our customers have identified previously missed rebate claims after implementing our Dealtrack system and we have even seen cases of missed rebate claims amounting to 7 or even 8 figure sums.

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